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Christopher M. Wetzel/Cad Solutions LLC
1935 Clarendon Lane 
Aurora, Illinois 60504

Master Degree - Industrial Technology & Operations - Illinois Institute of Technology – December, 2004
BS-Industrial Technology – Illinois State University - May, 1991

AutoDesk Inventor Release 2013, Geomajic Design Expert, AutoCAD, SolidWorks 2013, SDRC Ideas, CADKey
Certified Consultant -  Geomagic Design
Language Skills – Fluent in Spanish, both conversational and technical

Teaching Certificate (Type 9) – Industrial Technology – State of Illinois 
Journeyman Tool & Die Maker – Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union

Over 25 years of Technical and Design Experience

· New tool designs achieved cycle rates of over 300 parts per minute

· Design of tooling and improve design of existing machines, molds, gages, and fixtures.

· Design of assembly and test fixtures, dies and other tooling for manufacturing new and existing products.

· Involvement with new product teams and feasibility projects for manufacturing.

· Project management - scheduled all aspects of the project, kept track of costs, got quotes form suppliers and  vendors, etc. Also provided all mechanical designs for related projects.

· Tracked tooling costs, tooling suppliers, and vendors, and obtained quotes.

· Was responsibile for having the tooling in place ready to go for meeting production dates.

· Supported manufacturing facilities in other countries.

· Calculated production costs per piece part, material costs, scrap factors … etc.

· Designed machinery - mechanical design and sequence of operations for an automated work cell.

· Technical advisor for US Dept of Labor sponsored Vocational Training Program – “Votrakon” project

· Development of training materials to upgrade the skills of machinists and machine operators

· Technical writing - wrote operator and troubleshooting manual for automated work cell and tooling.

Experience related to Products, Manufacturing Processes, & Maintenance

· Food processing equipment ( Extruders, Cutting Blades, Extrusion Dies)

· Filters for Petroleum industries

· Manufacture of Pots & Pans

· Mechanical & Electric fuel pumps

· Microphones

· Cellular Phone components

· Various Electric Heaters

· Military Tracked & Wheeled Vehicles


· Process improvements - eliminated the need for one entire machining process on a particular style of product.

· Process improvements – tooling improvements reducing machine set up times from over 1 hour to under 10 minutes.

· Achieved a cost reduction of 65% to manufacture AC fuel pump check valves.

· Developed curriculum for Vocational Instructors.  I conducted training of instructors in several processes of  
heat treatment for various tool steels. This became part of the standard used to train Vocational Instructors in a government supported vocational training program.

· Designed many mechanical components and tooling for new factories in Singapore and Tainjin China to
support manufacturing cell. Phone components

· Designed all of the assembly tooling for manufacturing the new Model 810 Speaker Microphone and most of
the tooling to support the new 5mm.

· Designed an assembly fixture for fuel pump motor housings resulting in product quality improvements,  
reduced labor claims, and fewer returns of electric fuel pumps.

· Designed and fabricate adapter plates for machine tools made by two manufacturers enabling the machines to be set up for training.

· Trained and supervised students in basic metalworking and machine shop courses. I developed lesson plans, organized student learning activities and evaluated progress of students.

· Fabricated, overhauled, and repaired progressive dies, deep draw dies, blanking dies, & extrusion dies.

· Built perforator die without CNC or EDM machine tools, .001” die clearance for each punch, all 184 punches
cut cleanly on first try

· Army Mechanic PMOS 63T - Earned Army Achievement Medal / Rank Sgt. – Active Duty ( 1984-1988)

· Army Reserve PMOS 54B20 Nuclear Biological Chemical (1988 – 1990) Honorable Discharge


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