I am confident that Chris Wetzel will make a valuable contribution in your manufacturing because of his aggressive drive and sense of urgency needed to get things done in the day to day manufacturing situations. Chris Wetzel has also works closely with the technician that does the repair and fabrication of the tooling for the foundry. I have seen Chris taking the time to explain and train the technician on some of the tooling and finer points of the tooling and using some of the machine tools. Chris Wetzel has also contributed to improving the morale of the employees on the shop floor. He takes the time to communicate to get the input of others when he is in the working on designs and developing new ideas for improvements in tooling and machines. Some of our employees speak Spanish and very little English. Chris Wetzel can speak to them in Spanish both conversational and technical.

Allan Noworul
Foundry Manager
Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

Chris played a key role as a member of our Process Development team. His knowledge of tooling and mechanical systems and his ability to communicate his ideas helped our team to realize substantial reductions in cost and cycle time for new product launches. Chris also added value by supporting the work of others on the team -- lending constructive criticism for simplifying designs, selecting most-appropriate components, and helping others work through modeling issues.

Stephen Brown
Process Development Engineering Manager
CTS Wireless Components, Inc.

Chris was always very easy to communicate with, understood how to make a print that the machinist would understand. Had great feedback on how he thought was best way to do job. Designs were straigt forward and simple."

Tom Schulz


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